Who We Are

Our History

More than half century ago, a group of patriotic and prominent Filipino businessmen believed that the then-fledgling insurance industry would one day be an important pillar of the country’s economy. However, even then, the industry was dominated by foreign-owned or foreign-controlled insurance companies. Propelled by their desire to make a truly Filipino insurance company a major force in the industry, PLARIDEL SURETY & INSURANCE COMPANY was formed in 1945.

The company’s name, PLARIDEL, was borrowed from one of the most eminent and illustrious heroes of our history. PLARIDEL was the nom de guerre of Marcelo H. Del Pilar, a great Filipino who helped free our country from foreign tyranny.

The dream and vision of having a strong and truly Filipino insurance company, given life in 1945, is still alive today. Before the turn of the new millennium, the torch was passed on to a new group of visionaries – who strongly believed that such a dream cannot be allowed to die, who clearly envisioned the actualization of that dream. This group of professionals and businessmen saw the time when a truly Filipino company will not only stand at the forefront of the Philippine insurance industry, but will also hold its head up high in Asia, and eventually, in the international community.


Our Mission

Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and prompt claim attendance.


Our Vision

To be a strong and truly Filipino insurance company dedicated to professionalism, swift action, innovation, and care.


The Right Products

In addition to the best people in the business, we have the latest in cutting-edge, cost-effective products, allowing you to choose what best fits your budget.


We Offer Peace of Mind

Finally, you get the peace of mind that comes with dealing with our Company. With Plaridel’s financial strength, you can rest assured that we will be here when you need us most.

We invite you to experience yourself what a highly responsive and professional team can mean to you and your business.